Parnterships make magic!

24 Mar

Magicana is proud to announce a new partner, The Learning Enrichment Foundation.

The Learning Enrichment Foundation (LEF) is an outreach organization dedicated to community and economic development. One of their primary outreach groups is newcomers to Canada.

In January, Magicana joined forces with LEF and conducted an eight-week My Magic Hands program with eleven participants ages eight to thirteen. The new magicians got to show off their magical talents at The Big Show on Wednesday March 11 for an audience of family, friends and members.

The young magicians were assisted by a team of “magic coaches”; a group of high-school students and young adults who are also newcomers to Canada. They generously volunteered their time to assist and mentor participants as they worked preparing their show.

A Twist on Volunteering

LEF recognized a wonderful opportunity to empower our newcomers to become volunteers as opposed to being volunteered to. Coaches helped magicians overcome several challenges not only in learning the magic, but also in learning how to face an audience proudly and perform with confidence.

Volunteers commented that:

“I enjoyed working with the kids to improve their self-esteem and watch them successfully learn magic.”

“It was a great experience for me to help the kids to learn the magic tricks. I think it is a great opportunity for the kids because magic also teaches you how to stand up in front of an audience.”

“It was really a nice experience. I’ve learned how to make people encourage to do something and how to support them.”

Congratulations to our newest magicians on your successful completion of the program and thanks to the magic coaches for all of your energy and support. Magicana would like to acknowledge the generous support of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Learning Enrichment Foundation – in particular Silvana Valentone – for making the magic happen.

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