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Richard Turner Lecture May 23

29 Apr

Magicana and The Browser’s Den present Richard Turner in Toronto on May 23, 2009.

Richard is presenting his legendary lecture on May 23 at 7PM at Northern District Library (40 Orchard View Blvd), near Yonge & Eglington. Tickets are $25 for advance purchases and $30 at the door. Contact the Browser’s Den at (416) 783-7022 for seat reservation.

Richard’s intensive, three-hour workshop will be held in the morning of May 23 at 10AM at Magicana (15 Madison Ave), near Bloor & Spadina. This is a limited-seat event and tickets are $85. There is a bundled speical of $100 for both the workshop and lecture. Tickets sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Attend the Richard Turner Lecture,
courtesy of Magicana’s TONY ENG YOUTH PROGRAM.
Don’t miss your chance!

The Cheat

Richard Turner is a card mechanic. He does not do card tricks. He demonstrates the most difficult moves ever devised for cheating with cards. His unparalleled touch with a pack of 52 has been written about and featured on dozens of TV specials around the globe, such as That’s Incredible, Ripley’s Believe it or not, The 700 Club. The Paul Daniels Show on the BBC, and World Geniuses in Japan.

Richard is an exceptional individual. Not only is he a highly accomplished and celebrated magician, but Richard is also a Master in the martial arts, holding a fifth degree black belt in karate. He has designed and created a series of board and puzzle games including Batty and Texas Showdown. Richard has produced a bestselling DVD series on advanced card table technique that is used by casinos and card men around the globe. Richard – an author, actor and consultant – has accomplished all this with vision four times lower than what is considered legally blind.

Don’t miss this opportunity to ask questions and learn directly from one of the world’s most celebrated experts in the field! (WORKSHOPS)

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