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Five Years of Service

16 Jun

My Magic Hands Celebrates Five Years of Making Magic at Bloorview Kids Rehab

Recently, as part of national volunteer week, Bloorview Kids Rehab (Canada’s largest child rehabilitation hospital) recognized outstanding contributions from its staff and volunteers. Volunteers were honoured for one all the way up to forty years of service.

Magicana was acknowledged, for bringing My Magic Hands to the center for five years. Bloorview is one of our oldest community partners, hosting the program over ten times since 2004.

As part of learning magic at Bloorview, participants in the program use magic not only to learn new skills and develop self confidence, but also incorporate the practice of magic into their regular therapy routines to help improve areas like motor control, speech and memory.

We are always amazed when it comes time for The Big Show, both with the fantastic accomplishments of our new magicians, but also the tremendous support generated by the Bloorview community.

Of course, the magic never stops at Bloorview: My Magic Hands will be back for a summer session with new young magicians and another fantastic Big Show.

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