Magic Week in Toronto! Aug 19 – 23

24 Jul

It’s unofficially magic week Aug 19-23 in Toronto, and you are invited!

Magicana Chairman, David Ben invites you to attend the magical events that we are hosting in August.

For several years now, Magicana has staged a conference called 31 Faces North. The conference attracts stellar names in magic, and as a result, we have worked with Jeff Pinsky and The Browser’s Den to stage a lecture each year for the greater magic community. Past presenters have included Johnny Thompson, Max Maven, Eugene Burger, Roberto Giobbi and Eric Mead.

This year we thought we would do something different. We decided to stage a mini-convention of magic – two superb performers and lecturers for an afternoon of entertainment and education.

MAGIC DAY – Sunday August 23

So, on Sunday August 23 you can enjoy meeting, watching and learning from Norman Beck and John Carney. Each will perform a full lecture – with a suitable break in between – for a limited group.

I have known Norman for many years and respect both his thinking and performing. Having seen him perform and lecture, it is no surprise to me that Norman is considered one of the “inner circle”, a confidant of the who’s who of magic that includes people like Steve Forte, Michael Weber, and Steve Freeman. You will enjoy Norman immensely. He is one of the best-kept secrets in magic!

John Carney needs no introduction. He is simply one of the most respected magicians and performers of the last quarter century. It has been almost seven years since John presented his last lecture in Toronto. As he is one of the most prolific presenters of magic – and a celebrated student of Dai Vernon – you can be sure that John’s portion of the program will entertain and inspire.

The cost to attend these two world-class presenters is $50.00. As I mentioned, it is like a mini-magic convention, but without the fuss or filler. Space, however, is limited. We have room for about 40 people.

So, if you don’t want to miss out – please reserve your spot now through the Browser’s Den (416) 783-7022.

BONUS WORKSHOPS – Wednesday August 19

As many of us like to learn in a more hands-on environment, we’re prevailed upon John Carney and David Solomon to conduct a private workshop on Wednesday, August 19th at 7:00 pm. Both workshops will be conducted at Magicana – at the same time, but in separate parts of the building. Each workshop is limited to ten people.

John’s workshop will focus more on performance – your performance. Those attending will be encouraged to perform a segment from their own show in front of John and the others. He will then ‘workshop’ the segment, providing technical and directorial notes that move the presenter and the group towards more polished performances. This is a special opportunity for those interested in polishing their work to profit from one of the greats. The cost to attend John’s workshop is $75.00. Please visit for more details or contact Julie Eng at Magicana at 416-913-9034 to reserve your spot.

David Solomon’s workshop is a hands-on cavalcade of card magic. If you are interested in subtle and sophisticated card magic with a commercial bent, David’s your man. Perhaps the best way to describe David is that there are Marlo guys, and then there is the Marlo guy: David Solomon was one of Ed Marlo’s closest confidants. Ed Marlo only lectured a few times in his entire life and, unfortunately, he is no longer with us. David Solomon, however, knows Marlo’s work as well as anyone – anyone – and was inspired by Ed to create his own magic. Interestingly, in recent years, David has become enamored with the Spanish School of magic, popularized by such performers as Juan Tamariz and Rafael Benetar, both with whom he is well-associated.

So, if your interest is in card work that ranges from technically demanding to simply sly and devious, you will enjoy the time and company of David Solomon. Once again, enrollment is limited to ten people and the cost is $75.00. Again, contact for more details or pone Julie Eng at Magicana at 416-913-9034 to reserve your spot.

Other surprises are in store. You can’t be surprised, however, unless you attend.


David Ben

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