Congratulations to our Tony Eng Youth Fund Winners!

14 Aug

The Magicana Tony Eng Youth Fund is delighted to announce the winners of our August extravaganza of magic!


The winners are….

Paul Romhany’s Lecture – August 15
Chris Weeks

John Carney’s Performance Workshop -August 19
Jeffrey Tong

Daniel Garcia’s Toronto Lecture – August 20
Alex Ozerov

Daniel Garcia’s Niagara Falls Lecture – August 23
Tim Hendry

Norman Beck & John Carney’s Double Lecture – August 23
Rueben Gazer

Thank you to all participants for their entries and congratulations to all winners. All participants submitted their names and ages telling us why they wanted to attend what they hoped to gain from the lecture or workshop experience. All eligible entries were then randomly drawn.

Tickets are still available
for the David Solomon Workshop on August 19 (contact Magicana at (416) 913-9034 for tickets) and for the Norman Beck and John Carney Double-Header Lecture on August 23 (contact the Browser’s Den at (416) 783-7022 for tickets).

To find out more about the Magicana Tony Eng Youth Fund, click here.

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