It’s true!

27 Oct

David Ben, Artistic Director of Magicana, is pleased to announce that Magicana is taking over the stewardship of the Magic Collectors’ Association.

Founded over sixty years ago, the MCA has staged an annual conference devoted to discussing the history of magic as a performing art, profiling its builders and championing its performers. It has published Magicol, a quarterly magazine, for close to fifty years, the last fifteen under the direction of David Meyer of Glenwood, Illinois. David is now retiring from the role, this November issue being his last, and is turning the reins of the publication and the organization over to Magicana.

Magicana looks forward to building on the success of David Meyer and his cast of contributors, and plans to continue the publication of Magicol, stage the annual conference, and harness new technology, particularly as offered on the Internet, to extend the reach and membership of the MCA.

The Board of Directors of Magicana offered their unanimous support for the undertaking seeing it as perfect fit with Magicana’s mandate.

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One Response to “It’s true!”

  1. mai-ling October 27, 2009 at 9:48 pm #

    David,I'm so happy to hear and confirm thatyou are taking helm for the MCA.I know my mom would be too.YAY!

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