Magic Makes A Difference

20 Nov

Magicana was honoured to be a part of a recent fundraising event by The Stephen Leacock Foundation for Children – a foundation dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth. One of its primary activities is hosting annual dinners for members of The Leacock Club. The Club, more than anything, is a community of sensibilities; a gathering of people from different walks of life that looks at the world in the same way and takes pleasure in the same things. More importantly, members raise significant awareness, funds and resources to aid children and children’s programs in Toronto and as far away as Whittlesea in South Africa.

Magicana’s Executive Director, Julie Eng and its Artistic Director, David Ben – a long-time member and supporter of the Leacock Club – were invited to sprinkle their magic at the annual fall event on November 17th and November 18th. It was hosted at the beautiful Auberge du Pommier in Toronto.
The intimate affair gave Club Members a chance to see the power of philanthropy and generosity as Leacock Club Chair, Peter Oliver, outlined the outstanding achievements that the Foundation has established in Toronto’s own back yard and in Whittlesea, South Africa. Magicana is connected with the Foundation through programming in Toronto like the Homework Clubs where, in partnership with Havergal College, we deliver My Magic Hands.
Part of the Leacock tradition includes wit and good humour (naturally, with the Club’s namesake being humourist Stephen Leacock) and now, a bit of magic as well. The Club likes to remind its membership that generosity feels good. And the world could use a bit more of it, too. What is wonderful is that the Club also believes that a serious cause is not necessarily a cause for seriousness and that laughter and fun nourishes the soul – a philosophy that Magicana is very proud to support. Magic can make a difference.
We congratulate the Members of the Leacock Club for their incredible work and commitment towards children’s education and well-being. It is heart-warming to know that these future generations have such guardians watching over them.

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