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And the winner is…

22 Jan

Well, the entires are in!

Thank you to those who participated in Magicana’s Tony Eng Youth Fund CAM competition. All entires have been validated and now submissions are in the hands of our judges. The all-star CAM convention is just around the corner, April 29 to May 1. The convention promises quite a showing of international talent; you don’t want to miss your chance!

The judges will score the entires “blind” (not knowing anything about the applicant other than their age and submission) based on the merit of each individual’s application. The judges include a magician from Western Canada, representatives from the Magicana Board of Directors, CAM Board of Directors and a member of the Eng family.

We will release the name of the winner on our website and blog on Monday March 1, 2010 so be sure to check back often!

The Magic of Giving

21 Jan

Canada AIMSE Convention Chair, Michael Gillis, presents
Magicana Executive Director, Julie Eng with a cheque.

While the bulk of the gift-giving season may be over, Magicana was very fortunate to receive a special gift yesterday from the Association of Investment Management Sales Executives (AIMSE).

The group was meeting in Toronto for a jam-packed day of professional development. Despite the full schedule of meetings and programming, conference chairman, Michael Gillis, took the time to recognize Magicana’s work, particularly in our outreach program for seniors, Senior Sorcery.
In lieu of presenting keynote speakers with gifts, AIMSE instead offers financial support targeting local charities. For the past four years, Magicana has been the lucky recipient for the regional conference.

This year’s donation will allow Magicana to continue build upon our program which provides live, interactive magic shows for isolated seniors in community homes and centres across (and beyond) the GTA. Last year, we were able to provide forty shows. With busy lives full of activity, it is easy to forget how monotonous the days can become for residents. Feedback from ours shows have only reinforced how important it is to provide fresh entertainment, especially the kind that engages the mind – like magic!

“I’ve never seen our residents so enthralled!”

Kipling House

“You showed a very high level of professionalism by engaging  so many of our residents into your program. They are a  pretty sophisticated group who have come to expect a great deal from our entertainers and you certainly exceeded their expectation! I have received many compliments since.”

Briton House

“The mix of strolling and parlour magic was highly engaging and interactive for our residents. You gave them a lot of laughs and they sure had a great time.”

Sunnybrook Veterans Hospital
So, thank you, AIMSE, for helping us make a difference!

A lot of MAGIC on the horizon…

9 Jan
Happy New Year!
And what a new year this will be for Magicana!

First, we want to remind young magicians that this is the last week before the Tony Eng Youth Fund CAM contest concludes. Here is a chance to win a FREE TRIP to attend the Canadian Association of Magicians Convention in Kitchener-Waterloo. We are giving away two return airfares, three nights of accommodations at the host hotel and two convention registrations, cou
rtesy of Magicana’s Tony Eng Youth Fund, Kent Wong and CAM. This convention will feature a host of international superstars: Lennart Green, Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster, Henry Evans, Shawn Farquhar, Charlie Frye & Company, Mark Mason, Marc Oberon, Stoil & Ekaterina along with MANY others! But the youth contest closes this Friday on January 15th. This is the last chance for young people to take advantage of this fabulous prize package!
Next, as we announced previously, Magicana is the new steward of the Magic Collectors’ Association (MCA). We are currently preparing to release the MCA’s quarterly magazine, Magicol, in February. If you have any interest in collecting magic and/or the history of magic, you may want to join! Magicana is also programming and producing the 2010 Magic Collector’s Weekend in Chicago. This event is limited to only 200 participants so if you want to go, register today! Keep your eyes peeled here for the launch date announcement of our MCA blog.
After a holiday break, our community outreach programs are also back in full swing. Magicana is working with Bloorview Kids Rehab and Havergal College to bring more My Magic Hands to children across the GTA. We are also expanding our Senior Sorcery program – which features both strolling and stage magic – to new areas of Toronto and surrounding areas.
We are working on several secret projects (click here for one of the big secrets!) — from publications, to announcements, to performances — our followers will always be the first to know! Follow us or subscribe to our eList to stay up-to-date.
One thing we can promise is that we have a lot of magic on the horizon! Keep a look out!
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