The Magic of Giving

21 Jan

Canada AIMSE Convention Chair, Michael Gillis, presents
Magicana Executive Director, Julie Eng with a cheque.

While the bulk of the gift-giving season may be over, Magicana was very fortunate to receive a special gift yesterday from the Association of Investment Management Sales Executives (AIMSE).

The group was meeting in Toronto for a jam-packed day of professional development. Despite the full schedule of meetings and programming, conference chairman, Michael Gillis, took the time to recognize Magicana’s work, particularly in our outreach program for seniors, Senior Sorcery.
In lieu of presenting keynote speakers with gifts, AIMSE instead offers financial support targeting local charities. For the past four years, Magicana has been the lucky recipient for the regional conference.

This year’s donation will allow Magicana to continue build upon our program which provides live, interactive magic shows for isolated seniors in community homes and centres across (and beyond) the GTA. Last year, we were able to provide forty shows. With busy lives full of activity, it is easy to forget how monotonous the days can become for residents. Feedback from ours shows have only reinforced how important it is to provide fresh entertainment, especially the kind that engages the mind – like magic!

“I’ve never seen our residents so enthralled!”

Kipling House

“You showed a very high level of professionalism by engaging  so many of our residents into your program. They are a  pretty sophisticated group who have come to expect a great deal from our entertainers and you certainly exceeded their expectation! I have received many compliments since.”

Briton House

“The mix of strolling and parlour magic was highly engaging and interactive for our residents. You gave them a lot of laughs and they sure had a great time.”

Sunnybrook Veterans Hospital
So, thank you, AIMSE, for helping us make a difference!

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