Jason England goes West!

19 Feb

Magicana is pleased to announce, Jason England, a recognized expert on gambling and sleight of hand with cards, will be conducting Lectures and Workshops in five Canadian cities this March.

Jason England has spent years researching and practicing the more difficult card moves and their applications to both gambling and magic. His workshop was a highlight of the 2009 Canadian Association of Magicians convention and now he will be taking his card-handling to Western Canada. 

Tour schedule:

Vancouver March 5 & 6
To register, contact Lon Mandrake

Edmonton March 7 & 8
To register, contact Kent Wong 

Regina March 9 & 10
To register, contact Chester McBain

Calgary March 11 & 12 
To register, contact Brent Smith

Victoria March 13 & 14 
To register, contact Murray Hatfield

This lecture will feature some more advanced card moves as well as diabolically clever self-working and almost self-working routines which are within the grasp of beginning and intermediate card handlers and give the illusion of incredible skill.

Each three-hour workshop will be tailored to match the needs and requests of the group. Some of the topics include:

False Deals – Detailed descriptions “from the ground up” to help you learn the Second Deal (push off and strike deals), the modern Bottom Deal, and the fabled Center Deal.

Palming – Classical methods of palming from Erdnase including top and bottom palms for single and multiple cards and more recent developments including the Gambler’s Cop and Gambler’s Flat Palm.

False Shuffles – False shuffles suitable for use at the table including technique and routines with the Push-Through Shuffle and Riffle Stacking.

G.P.S. – As the production consultant of the of the recently re-released Gambling Protection Series DVDs by legendary card-handler Steve Forte, Jason is able to speak about many of the moves and sequences from this set, including 52.

“Jason England is the modern day Erdnase! … His lecture and workshop will give you a full understanding of what real card work is all about”
-Joe Pon, Misdirections Magic Shop

Jason England is no slouch with a deck of cards. But more importantly, he is an excellent teacher. He goes beyond showing you just how the technique works  which allows you to learn to do it as well (with a few years practice). His workshop provides amazing value to anyone interested in learning to perform these techniques properly.

James Alan, workshop participant

For more details visit: www.magicana.com and click on Conferences or click here.

This lecture series is being sponsored by Magicana, and
 Kent Wong of RJK Entertainment in Edmonton, AB.

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