Hitting the Road

12 Mar

Jason England | Western Canadian Tour Update

Renowned expert on gambling and sleight-of-hand with cards, Jason England hit the road last Friday with his 10-day tour of Western Canadian cities in Vancouver, BC.

Jason has visited Vancouver, BC; Edmonton, AB; Regina, SK; Calgary, AB and will finish his tour in Victoria, BC.

Now, with the tour in its second week, we would like to share some of the great feedback we’ve received from those in attendance:

Jason England’s lecture here in Vancouver was very well received. His reputation preceded him and he succeeded in impressing every member of the audience with his skills and personality. I have to say he was quite amazing with his skills and gave much useful advice on performing at all levels of audience skill.

Lon Mandrake, Vancouver

By all accounts, the workshop was a huge hit. Everyone walked away with something they could use.

Kent Wong, Edmonton

If you are looking for some great tips and tricks to add to your card magic arsenal, this is one lecture you don’t want to miss!

Doug Arden, Regina

He is not only a master at card handling, but a master teacher as well. I’ve always considered myself a beginner at cards, and I benefited so much from Jason’s expertise that I am no longer intimidated of learning difficult card sleights and techniques. I was completely astonished by his skills, and spent most of my time with my jaw on the floor. Jason England was very kind and personal the whole time. A very friendly and funny guy. He felt like someone I had known for a long time. I had such a great time that I’m sorry he had to go.

Dan Bernier, Regina

I thought Jason’s lecture was BRILLIANT!! This was a very nice change from the standard lecture, ie. A demonstration of what you want to sell at the end of the lecture. He focused on methods and mechanics which was presented in a slow smooth and easy to understand fashion. He taught the “tools” and gave ideas as to how to use them for not just one piece of magic but things that we can adapt to based on our individual needs. Jason is truly an exceptional wealth of information both on the mechanics of cards and the history, very impressive!!! We really would like to thank Magicana for making this lecture available to us.

Chester McBain, Regina

If you see him in person, you’ll be amazed at how tiny his briefs are. A card guy would know what that means. I just think it’s amusing to say.

Rob Vanden Heuvel, Calgary

Please keep this HIGH quality talent coming our way. Thanks to Magicana!

Brent Smith (Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop), Calgary

As Jason prepares to visit Victoria, BC on the last stop of his tour, we look forward to featuring more lectures and workshops like Jason England’s to continue our effort to share wonder across Canada.

Were you at Jason’s lecture or workshop? Send us an email at info@magicana.com and tell us what you thought.

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This tour was produced by Magicana and 
sponsored in-part by Kent Wong and RJK Entertainment.

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