Big Magic News

26 Mar

Masters of Magic

As we noted earlier this week, the big news is that Magicana is working with Luminato to present four international super stars of magic in June. We have updated our website with additional details on the Masters of Magic series and on the individuals performing. For now, we have included some information on the venue, ticketing and performance times. More information will follow soon.

Juan Tamariz will present his show in three languages (Spanish, English and French) over the course of three days. Audiences will simply be enchanted by this mesmerizing magician and see exactly why Juan is considered the best in the world.

Looking for great family entertainment? You can’t go wrong with Mac King. For two afternoons, he will be presenting his full, Las Vegas act – you will not get a chance to see this anywhere else outside of Vegas! Talk about a rare opportunity.

Max Maven will be staging – for one night only – his acclaimed show, “Thinking In Person”. This highly interactive show promises to keep your mind very active. There is a rich and eclectic mix of magic, mentalism and yes, even some musing.

The only tricky guy to nail down in one spot will be Bob Sheets. He will be roving all over town staging impromptu shows just about anywhere! This outrageously funny and loveable guy will be providing free performances in venues throughout the city.

So for now, be sure to either follow us on Twitter or Facebook and we will keep you updated on Luminato. You can also add yourself to our eList to be notified when magical things happen.

Lecture & Workshop in Montreal

Now, for our friends in Montreal or near the Montreal area…you will want to check this out.

Kosyta Kimlat, of “Roadrunner Cull” fame, will be presenting a very unique and customized lecture and workshop programmed by the lecture attendees themselves!

That’s right, if you plan on attending, you get to vote on exactly what you would like to see and what you would like to learn. Not only that, but when you make your submission, your name is automatically entered into a free draw where you could win a FREE PRIZE PACK worth $100. How can you possibly go wrong? Talk about win-win.

We have posted some of the details here and soon, our Montreal host Grant McSorley, will be posting more details. But don’t wait, just do it! Sign up directly with Grant at 514-274-6755.

All in all, it’s been an awfully busy, but magical week. One thing is super clear, though … magic-related programming is certainly gearing for the spring. Better start getting those calendars organized, because you won’t want to miss any of it!

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