Gee 20: A treat for Toronto

16 Jul

I consider Jim to be the most brilliant mind in magic.

Doug Henning

Jim Steinmeyer banner

Three days after we announced that “The Man Behind the Curtain” would be lecturing in Toronto, 20% of tickets immediately sold. Jim rarely lectures and this is his first in Toronto. Join us in Toronto on August 22 for our lecture with the one and only Jim Steinmeyer. This is a limited-seat event so we encourage you to buy now.

Gee 20 Lecture

In his lecture, Jim will be sharing some of his favourite close-up and stand-up pieces from his “Conjuring” Columns in Genii and MAGIC Magazines as well some new, unpublished items. The lecture will focus on practical material useful in a wide variety of situations.   Read more.

Sunday Aug 22 – 2PM – at Magicana

Register now!

Jim Steinmeyer

Jim is the celebrated creator of countless deceptions, from tiny “Impuzzibilities” to grand illusions employed by leading performers like Lance Burton, David Copperfield and Doug Henning.

He is also the author of several important books on the history of magic and great magicians including Chung Ling Soo, Alan Wakeling and Howard Thurston.

Bundle & Save

Don’t forget our fantastic double lecture with Rafael Benatar & Gaëtan Bloom. Get The Pass for all three lectures and save $15.   Read more.

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