Magic One-on-One

9 Aug
At the "Big Show"

My Magic Hands one-on-one participant's performance at his "Big Show"

I have had the distinct pleasure of leading the My Magic Hands program at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Canada’s largest rehabilitation teaching hospital for children, since 2005. The children at this facility never fail to amaze me with their incredible ability to face every challenge imaginable. We have worked with families and occupational therapists to create customized versions of My Magic Hands to accommodate individual needs, but every class always generates magical results.

Recently, Magicana partnered with the Occupational Therapists at Holland Bloorview to provide private one-on-one sessions for select clients to facilitate his/her attainment of therapeutic goals.


Success! My Magic Hands Certificateof Achievement in hand.

For one particular client,  (we’ll call “Darcy”) I could not get over the feedback from the client’s therapists and family. It turns out that Darcy was a totally different kid when it came to magic. He simply lit up at our private sessions and totally identified with magic as something he could do and make his own.

This was a far cry from the client who the therapists could barely get to speak beyond a whisper, or to engage in activity with any kind of energy or enthusiasm. But at our magic sessions, he came out of his shell. He worked, repeatedly to his therapist’s delight, and very hard to learn the technique correctly. In class he practiced using his voice powerfully and, best of all, he sure smiled often. Not only did he totally surprise his therapists with what he could do in our magic sessions, but he also proved to himself his own ability and power. This was reinforced to Darcy when he performed for his class at Holland Bloorview, the same day he was discharged and able to go  home. People often say to me, “You must love your job”. With days like that, why would I be anywhere else?

It was pretty awesome.

Find out this Friday the special surprise I have for this round of My Magic Hands at Holland Bloorview. A new guest performer is on the boards … Send in your guesses on the comment box!

— Julie Eng

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