Special Guest at Holland Bloorview

13 Aug

As previously reported, Magicana will be finishing up our lastest round of My Magic Hands (our eleventh this year!) at Holland Bloorview next week. Read more about the kind of magic kids generate for us magicians!

Holland Bloorview

Bob Sheets at Holland Bloorview June 2010

Typically, the session concludes with a Big Show – a  magic show recital by the students for their friends, family and at Holland Bloorview their therapists, doctors and volunteers. This is a particularly special event at Holland Bloorview because the children really get a chance to show their advancements and achievements on a large scale. We usually get about 75 plus people attending these shows so there is a lot of pressure for the “magicians”. They always shine.

Par tof the deal is that they get to enjoy a magic performance by a guest magician. At our last session, we were treated to an extra special show by Bob Sheets from Washington DC thanks to our partnership with Luminato. This time, our audience will enjoy a guest appearance by Rafael Benatar of Spain.

Rafael is an international star of magic and well known in the magic world. Read more about his magical expertise on our Artistic Director’s blog.

Rafael Benatar

Rafael Benatar

Upon hearing about our program with Holland Bloorview, Rafael immediately offered to perform something special for this amazing group. We coordinated this latest round of My Magic Hands to conicide with Rafael’s tour of Toronto and Montreal. We are thrilled to have Rafael at our Big Show next week. Be sure to check back soon to get a review of the show and more!

Interested in magic? Take advance of our Magicana Lecture series happening Aug 18 and Aug 22.

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