Trick or Treat

28 Oct

Since we posted the Ross Bertram Exhibition, we have revisited two of our previous ones, Bert Douglas: A Family Remembers and Postcards of Magicians. We invite you to come and visit them and let us know what you think.

Do you have an idea for an exhibition? Talk to us! Send your online exhibitions ideas here.



It’s nearly October 31st and that means tricks and treats. It also marks the untimely death of escape artist, Harry Houdini. Even 84 years after his death, Houdini’s name still conjuers up the famous artist chained from head to toe; or hanging up-side-down over a crowd demonstrating his agile ability to escape from a straight-jacket. In the next UK Edition of Vanity Fair (December 2010), Teller – of the famous duo, Penn & Teller – shares his thoughts on Houdini as he explores why he was more than magic.

If you are in New York City in the next few months, you can also catch one of the first major exhibitions on the magician at The Jewish Museum in Manhattan called Houdini: Art & Magic. It opens tomorrow and runs until March 27, 2011. Not only will you be able to see magical apparatus, archival photos and film footage along with posters and other ephemera from Houdini’s famous life, you will also be able to see some contemporary works by those inspired by the escape artist.

So there are your tricks and treats! Happy Halloween from your friends at Magicana.


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