10 Nov

Camp Ooch, that is!

Magicana was back at camp over the Halloween weekend, in partnership with Camp Oochigeas and the Urban Ooch program.

Camp Oochigeas is a privately funded, volunteer-based organization that provides kids with cancer and kids affected by childhood cancer a unique opportunity for growth through challenging, fun, enriching and magical experiences.

Ooch, as the organization is affectionately known, has become an important resource for kids and their families and has grown beyond the summer days of camp. Now offering Urban Camps and Ooch in the City, Ooch called upon the magicians at Magicana for another version of “Boot Camp Magic Day”.

With such amazing participants and volunteers, how could we refuse?!

Urban Ooch 2010

Who wants to learn magic?!

On the perfect day for magic (Halloween) we learned, practiced and, believe it or not, we even performed!  23 campers ages eight to thirteen and 15 magic coaches, rolled up their sleeves, polished their magic wands and sprinkled quite a bit of whoofle-dust on Sunday in preparation for a Showcase of Magic.

These kids face immense challenges – ones that a child is not meant to see. It was very touching to see how hard campers worked despite these issues. It was even more moving to see camp volunteers (duly dubbed “Magic Coaches”) stand side-by-side with campers, cheering them on.

“The day was absolutely amazing from start to finish.  I can’t express to you the gratitude I feel for your generosity and passion in the work you did with our campers.  It was a really special thing to see them all get up in front of a crowd and perform at the end of the day, what an amazing experience for them.”

Chrissie Arnold
Ooch City Program Manager

Magicana thanks Julie Eng for leading this program and a special thanks to James Alan, Joe Culpepper and Suley Fattah for donating their weekend to make Ooch happen. We are proud to partner with such an amazing organization as Camp Ooch and look forward to our next outing together.

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