Luminato & My Magic Hands

8 Jun

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Can you imagine a magic show starring One Hundred Magicians?

Children who participate in My Magic Hands always end their program by putting on a Big Show. But students in our latest program at Queen Victoria Junior Public School are getting ready to put on our biggest show ever! While a normal class of My Magic Hands has between ten and fifteen young magicians graduating at the end, Queen Victoria invited us to provide a magic program for one hundred of their Grade 5 Students.

Queen Victoria is a model school in Parkdale with a strong commitment to the arts. The classroom walls and hallways are filled with art projects from all grade levels. Learning magic as a introduction to performance art (which includes strategic practicing, planning, scripting and rehearsing and performance) became an interesting fit. Magicana is currently delivering this program as part of the Luminato celebration of the arts festival inside of the Outreach and Education program.

Our Grade 5 magic students are nearing the end of their program and are putting together their scripts for their Big Show on June 14 and 15.

Of course, teaching magic to over a hundred students has its own set of challenges. On top of the sheer volume of energetic children, we had to find a way to allow each and every student to showcase their new skills in front of a live audience. We are excited with our plan of action which will engage the lower grades.

Thanks to the dedicated teachers at Queen Victoria, students have been organized with their magic materials, Books and Boxes of Secrets. If there is one underlying lesson that we have all seen in action is the golden rule to gain proficiency: practice, practice, practice!

We are also excited to see the support Queen Victoria has provided to ESL students as we aim to have them present their final Big Show magic routines in their native languages. Having struggled to learn the magic in English, we now celebrate their achievements by inviting them to perform in their first language.

To all our magicians, good luck on your Big Show and may the magic continue in your Magic Hands!

Magicana is also conducting a concurrent session of My Magic Hands at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital which has also proven to be very rewarding. More on those kids in our next blog!

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