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The life and magic of Stewart James

11 Jan

Stewart James

Tonight at 6pm and again at midnight ichannel is showing The Canadians episode on Stewart James. Learn more about this fascinating inventor, creator, magician and Canadian.

Stewart James was one of the 20th century’s most prodigious inventors of magic tricks and one of the art form’s most prolific authors. Though he was a skilled magician as well – performing for the allied forces during his Canadian tour of duty in World War II – Stewart James is best known in the magic world for his uncanny ability to create. Throughout his 88 years of life, he conceived and published over 400 different trick “plots,” which have been adapted by countless other magicians for use in their performances. In short, he can be described as a mastermind who focused his energy on imagining new impossibilities at a table backstage instead of presenting them on-stage.

From: The Life and Magic of Stewart James exhibition (2007)

For more information on how to view this episode, visit ichannel’s schedule on their website.


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