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Magicians of York

25 May

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Magicana returns for the annual York School Challenge

The objective of Challenge Week  is to instill experience and to enrich and develop learning within students. Thus, Julie Eng and James Alan brought the challenge in the art of performing magic to eleven Grade 6 students. We started by teaching some of the classic of magic right off the top, with assistance from visiting UK magician, Will Houstoun. We customized “special tricks” and routines for each group to give a more intimate and personal experience. The students then spent two days injecting their own brand of creativity into their filmmaking as they learned the process of scripting, directing, acting and editing. However, the final challenge was on the last day–a live performance.

Armed with the knowledge of the different pressures that comes with a live performance versus a filmed one, our newly-minted magicians delivered a delightful performance at a senior’s residence, The Briton House. Students integrated humour to keep the atmosphere energetic, and called volunteers to the stage to further engage their audience. Their show ended with an enthusiastic round of applause and grateful shouts of “thank you” from the audience. We would like to thank recreation director, Susan Blye, and The Briton House for providing Magicana with this intergenerational opportunity, because, without an audience, there is no challenge!

Thank you Mr. Noestheden, Ms. Zhao and of course, our students of TYS, for all your hard work! You all showed great talent and potential throughout Challenge Week and we hope you continue with your magic endeavours!

Magicana brings magic to Victoria’s Torquay School

22 May

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During her trip to British Columbia, Magicana’s executive director, Julie Eng, was invited by Miss Amanda to perform for her class, at Torquay Elementary School in Victoria, BC.

Amanda had only heard about Julie’s work as a magician and was intrigued by our community program, My Magic Hands. Amanda made an email inquiry and coordinated with Division Five’s excellent teacher, Mrs. Boulton. The show was held on May 22.

The children at Division Five were very hospitable and created their own magic with the giant “Thank You” card received by Julie.

Thank you, Amanda, for inviting Julie and thank you Mrs. Boulton for arranging the show. Finally, thank you Division Five for your wonderful ABRA CADABRA!

It is always inspiring to see how children light up with a bit of magic in their day – hopefully their cheery drawings also bring a smile to yours.

Presenting Tony Eng Youth Fund Bursary Winner: Sawyer Bullock!

18 May

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Here at Magicanasharing wonder comes first and foremost.

Trying to advance magic as a performing art involves presenting magic as a means of empowerment. We aim to develop alternative ways of thinking and to inspire the younger generation through its rich history. It is always a thrill when we discover budding new magicians eager to learn, and one of these young, promising magicians is  Sawyer Bullock of Wassaga Beach, Ontario.

Sawyer reached out to us through the Tony Eng Youth Fund. At 16, his passion for magic appears to have no bounds and magic has enriched his life for the last four years. We provided Sawyer, a community-driven young man teeming with leadership qualities, a bursary to help him attend the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM) 2012 convention. In his application, Sawyer expressed a heartfelt desire to meet Vancouver-based magician and President of CAM, Shawn Farquhar. We were pleased to provide  Sawyer with the grant to achieve this goal and to also compete in the magic competitions at CAM.

The Tony Eng Youth Fund was created in memory of Tony Eng in 2008. Thanks to the generous donations of our donors and to our Tony Eng Youth Fund partner, Kent Wong, we are able to continue our funding activities such as providing bursaries to young people to go towards their magical experiences and education. For more information about how to contribute or how to apply to this fund, visit

Congratulations to Sebastian Dagenais!

17 May

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Images courtesy of Ryan Joyce and James Alan.

Congratulations to Sebastian Dagenais, winner of the Canadian Association of Magicians (CAM) 2012 One Handed CUT- A-THON contest.

The young and talented Sebastian hails from Montreal and performed 119 one-handed cuts for three rounds.

Magicana donated A Cut Above to Sebastian, a book dedicated to the joyful exploration of one-handed cuts created and documented by Msgr. Vincent Foy, a pioneer of the modern movement of card flourishes.

Congratulations, Sebastian!

Luminato Discount Offer

2 May

Magic enthusiasts: a special offer* just for you!

We are presenting Mind Over Matter with Luminato and we have just arranged a special  10% discount.

Use this link to BUY and SAVE NOW

Or, call 416-368-4849/4TIX (Password MAGICANA).

June 8 – 9 at 8PM, June 10 at 2PM, Fleck Dance Theatre
$35.00 – $45.00 


THE ALPHA PROJECT is the world premiere of Banachek’s astonishing new show. It features psychokinesis, telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, hypnotism, séances and, perhaps most amazing, dermaoptics—the magic of sensing without sight. Often described as the world’s greatest mentalist, British-born Banachek earned international headlines at the age of 18, when after four years of close examination the scientists at the Washington University declared him a genuine psychic. He later revealed he had fooled the experts, debunking their entire study.

“The strangest thing I have ever seen, amazing!” – William Shatner

June 11 at 5:30 PM, June 12 – 14 at 7:15 PM, The RBC Lobby at TIFF Bell Lightbox

FREE Event!

As charming and funny as he is thrilling, Richard Turner’s abilities to manipulate cards in THE CHEAT leaves audiences utterly astonished and completely dumbfounded. Turner isn’t just a card cheat, he’s a blind card cheat. The Texas-born Turner is a master card mechanic who has entranced such legends as Muhammad Ali, Johnny Carson, Bob Hope, and more recently, Brad Pitt. With the ability to wipe out any high stakes gambler, Turner’s finger sensitivity is so acute that United States Playing Card Company employs him as a “touch analyst” to test the texture and flexibility of its decks. 

June 15 – 16 at 8PM, June 17 at 2PM, Hart House Theatre


Can the non-sighted experience the same sense of astonishment that a sighted audience feels when witnessing magic? So asked Chilean magician Juan Esteban Varela. FROM THE DARK is a unique and interactive experience that takes place in complete darkness. After blindfolding spectators and providing them with a box of props, Varela directs the audience in the dark and creates magical feats – and the experience of a magic show – without the audience seeing it, proving that, as long as a person has the ability to imagine, they can use fantasy to create fiction.


* This is a limited time offer only. Offer is valid until 11:59PM Sunday May 20, 2012 for online sales only. Phone lines are open Monday to Friday 11am – 7pm and Saturdays 11am to 3pm; the offer is only valid until 4pm on Saturday May 19, 2012.

Offer is subject to availability. Offer cannot be applied to previously purchased tickets or combined with any other offers or promotions.

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