Magicians of York

25 May

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Magicana returns for the annual York School Challenge

The objective of Challenge Week  is to instill experience and to enrich and develop learning within students. Thus, Julie Eng and James Alan brought the challenge in the art of performing magic to eleven Grade 6 students. We started by teaching some of the classic of magic right off the top, with assistance from visiting UK magician, Will Houstoun. We customized “special tricks” and routines for each group to give a more intimate and personal experience. The students then spent two days injecting their own brand of creativity into their filmmaking as they learned the process of scripting, directing, acting and editing. However, the final challenge was on the last day–a live performance.

Armed with the knowledge of the different pressures that comes with a live performance versus a filmed one, our newly-minted magicians delivered a delightful performance at a senior’s residence, The Briton House. Students integrated humour to keep the atmosphere energetic, and called volunteers to the stage to further engage their audience. Their show ended with an enthusiastic round of applause and grateful shouts of “thank you” from the audience. We would like to thank recreation director, Susan Blye, and The Briton House for providing Magicana with this intergenerational opportunity, because, without an audience, there is no challenge!

Thank you Mr. Noestheden, Ms. Zhao and of course, our students of TYS, for all your hard work! You all showed great talent and potential throughout Challenge Week and we hope you continue with your magic endeavours!

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