Magi-Fest Blast!

30 Jan

Congratulations to Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin for staging and producing a successful 83rd MagicFest! From all accounts, it sounds like there was a full house filled with stellar speakers and performances, heaps of magic dealers and of course, magic day and night. What more could any magic enthusiast wish for?!

We also congratulate our  Tong Eng Youth Fund Bursary Recipients – part of the Magi-Fest Youth Scholarship program. Their verdict of the convention?

“Magi-Fest was a blast!”

According to Braden Pole:

“I am truly thankful to everyone who contributed to my scholarship. This conference has changed the way I look at magic.  I learned many tricks, but more importantly I have gained lifelong friends, mentors and the experience of a lifetime.  Magi-Fest will always be fondly remembered as my first magic convention and the one that challenged, encouraged and enabled me to become the best that I can be.”

And from our other recipient, Zachary Bryant:

“It was fantastic! I learn(ed) a lot from people like: Ralpho, Eric Jones, Bennet, Christian Schenk, Tony Chang and Danny DaOrtiz. I became friends with Tony, Greg Lewis, Ivan Bekcic, Ralpho, and Eric Jones. I also gave (…) a bunch of advice at the beginning of the trip, which made me feel great inside.

Thanks to this trip, I have made so many new friends.”

We are so pleased that our winners had a memorable time and we hope this experience helps you along your  journey into the world of magic, and that we see you in many more conventions to come!

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