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A Thank You to our Amazing Volunteers

11 Jun

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We are proud to congratulate, yet again, another set of My Magic Hands graduates from Holland Bloorview.

Our first session started on May 15 and ended with a blast on May 31 with their “Big Show”. Once more these young magicians entertained staff, friends, parents and other members of the community in Holland Bloorview as they showed off their new tricks, all the while displaying talent and confidence.

We’d like to take the time to say a heartfelt thanks to all our volunteers. We are very lucky to work with such amazing volunteers, who really took the time to focus on our participants at a one-to-one basis, and who were so dedicated in honing in their goals and achievements. We wouldn’t be able to accomplish half as much as we did if our volunteers weren’t as dedicated and patient, and for that, we thank you.

If you’re looking to make a difference in your community this summer, Holland Bloorview is a great place to volunteer. For more information you can visit their website or contact them at 416 422 7031 or e-mail at volunteers@hollandbloorview.ca.


19 Aug

Oh what a show!

My Magic Hands

Rafael Benatar works his magical charms at My Magic Hand's Big Show at Holland Bloorview

The newly-minted magicians from our latest round of My Magic Hands at Holland Bloorview were outstanding at their “Big Show”. They stood bravely alongside one another showcasing their routines, reciting their scripts and sharing their magic.

I had the privilege of working with these young people and found myself telling magician, Rafael Benatar, all about them over the course of the program (which was an intensive summer version of six sessions in just three weeks). Rafael was touched by the work that the children put into the program and graciously offered to give a special presentation at their Big Show (and graduation) during his visit to Toronto.

The Holland Bloorview magicians were very excited at prospect of meeting this famous magician from Spain and greeted him with giant smiles and a very hearty, “HOLA!” upon his arrival. In top form, Rafael charmed them with his funny and magical routines rounding off another successful session at Holland Bloorview. It was very touching to see how magic brings such joy and laughter into the lives of our participants and their families.

We thank the wonderful staff and health-care workers at Holland Bloorview for hosting us — and we give an extra special “thank you” to our extraordinary team of volunteers. The volunteers are “magic coaches” and the secret ingredient to making the program sing!

We also send muchas gracias to Rafael for sharing his talents and inspiring the participants. The smiles he created at our Big Show will last a lifetime.

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