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Tax Lawyer Turns Self into Conjuror

7 Feb

David BenThe Lawyers Weekly published an article about Magicana’s artistc director, David Ben on Januray 28, 2011. Read the .pdf version of the article.

Michael Rappaport reviews David Ben’s background in law and how he made the curious turn to making his career in magic. Find out more about how this lawyer turned himself into a conjuror.


28 Aug

Welcome to Magicana’s Blog – a whole new medium for sharing wonder. As many of you know, Magicana is a registered charity dedicated to the exploration of magic as a performing art and to increase the public’s appreciation of this art.

In addition to featuring our projects and special programs, we’re thrilled to present a special feature: Cornering The Conjuror. In a weekly column, David Ben will answer questions posed by our dear readers.

David, the Chairman of Magicana, has been a professional magician for over 30 years. He has starred in and co-written the critically acclaimed theatrical productions The Conjuror, The Conjuror’s Suite and Tricks. He is also the author of Advantage Play, Tricks, Dai Vernon: A Biography and the forthcoming Zarrow: A Lifetime of Magic. For your chance to corner The Conjuror, send your questions to sharing.wonder@gmail.com. Please note, as this is a public blog, we will be protecting the secrets of magic, however David will be happy to direct you to appropriate resources where continue your research independently.

Be sure to subscribe to our blog (use the menu to the right)… and don’t be a stranger: join our eList. You’ll be the first to know about any upcoming projects . You can also visit our homepage atwww.magicana.com for more information.

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