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Magic + Film = Challenge Week

20 May

After an exciting outing with the Toronto International Festival (TIFF) and the March Break Magic ‘n Movies partnership, Magicana redeveloped our annual Challenge Week Magic Camp (May 4 – 6) for the students of The York School. The mission of Challenge Week is to challenge the mind, body and spirit through authentic experiences which extend and enrich student learning. And that we did!

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In partnership with TIFF, we started the week learning cool magic tricks. Then, we injected the magic of the movie making process. Students learned to write a script; to pitch it to the group; followed by  casting, directing and filming the script. Everyone had a role to play in front and behind the camera.

Then, we learned the importance of creating texture and learned how to edit the films. From there, we learned more magic – armed with the new knowledge of moving making – to start the planning for a live performance scheduled for the end of the week.

Students learned the power and differences (and pressure) of creating a live performance versus a filmed one. They also realized that both can be highly successful once we integrated planning and added interesting (magic) moments.

As their lead instructor, I was very proud of the work that students created and the magic that resulted. Many thanks to the outstanding Mrs. Dionisio and Ms. Zhao and to all my fabulous students at TYS. I hope you will continue with your magical efforts as you all showed great talents!

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