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“Sir, it’s an honour to have been cheated by you…”

26 May

Richard Turner – The Cheat, left a very impressionable mark during his first visit to Toronto on May 23, 2009.

In partnership with The Browser’s Den of Magic, Magicana was proud to present Richard Turner, world renown card mechanic, to the Toronto magic community. In both the three-hour workshop and two-and-a-half hour lecture, Richard imparted invaluable words of wisdom, unbelievable card techniques, and to our delight, many of his incredible stories.

The workshop was intense: with enrollment limited to twelve people, participants received hand-on-hand coaching by Richard as he shared his thoughts and advice on intricate card technique including: false cuts, false shuffles, full-deck controls and the table faro. He graciously spent a large percentage of time explaining and showing us detailed work on his legendary second deal. Many said it was the best workshop they had ever participated in.

Later that evening at his lecture, he performed for and audience of forty magicians and magic enthusiasts for over an hour. He included material from his Magic Castle Show and from a new show, Hoodwinked. For the remaining ninety minutes, Richard answered questions – again, in incredible detail – about his technique and thinking for advance card work including, palming and bottom dealing. Most importantly, however, he tipped secrets on being both a fine technician and a professional performer. Few have the ability to be both, but then again, Richard Turner is, indeed, a rare talent who has accomplished both, in spades. He closed the lecture with sound advice that left everyone inspired and motivated to raise the bar on their own work.

In keeping with his generous spirit, Richard also sold his products at unbeatable prices. Richard is a “touch-analyst” for the United States Playing Card Company and he brought many of his “made to measure” decks of cards, manufactured precisely to his standards. As you can imagine, the difference is night and day. If you missed your chance to buy some of these premium cards, you can purchase directly from Richard.

Magicana was honoured that Richard made his whirlwind trip all the way up to Toronto to “cheat” us. We look forward to seeing him back in Toronto soon.

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