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Big Magic News

26 Mar

Masters of Magic

As we noted earlier this week, the big news is that Magicana is working with Luminato to present four international super stars of magic in June. We have updated our website with additional details on the Masters of Magic series and on the individuals performing. For now, we have included some information on the venue, ticketing and performance times. More information will follow soon.

Juan Tamariz will present his show in three languages (Spanish, English and French) over the course of three days. Audiences will simply be enchanted by this mesmerizing magician and see exactly why Juan is considered the best in the world.

Looking for great family entertainment? You can’t go wrong with Mac King. For two afternoons, he will be presenting his full, Las Vegas act – you will not get a chance to see this anywhere else outside of Vegas! Talk about a rare opportunity.

Max Maven will be staging – for one night only – his acclaimed show, “Thinking In Person”. This highly interactive show promises to keep your mind very active. There is a rich and eclectic mix of magic, mentalism and yes, even some musing.

The only tricky guy to nail down in one spot will be Bob Sheets. He will be roving all over town staging impromptu shows just about anywhere! This outrageously funny and loveable guy will be providing free performances in venues throughout the city.

So for now, be sure to either follow us on Twitter or Facebook and we will keep you updated on Luminato. You can also add yourself to our eList to be notified when magical things happen.

Lecture & Workshop in Montreal

Now, for our friends in Montreal or near the Montreal area…you will want to check this out.

Kosyta Kimlat, of “Roadrunner Cull” fame, will be presenting a very unique and customized lecture and workshop programmed by the lecture attendees themselves!

That’s right, if you plan on attending, you get to vote on exactly what you would like to see and what you would like to learn. Not only that, but when you make your submission, your name is automatically entered into a free draw where you could win a FREE PRIZE PACK worth $100. How can you possibly go wrong? Talk about win-win.

We have posted some of the details here and soon, our Montreal host Grant McSorley, will be posting more details. But don’t wait, just do it! Sign up directly with Grant at 514-274-6755.

All in all, it’s been an awfully busy, but magical week. One thing is super clear, though … magic-related programming is certainly gearing for the spring. Better start getting those calendars organized, because you won’t want to miss any of it!

It’s official.

24 Mar

If you love magic, you need to be in Toronto this summer.

For ten extraordinary days in June, Toronto’s stages, streets, and public spaces are illuminated with arts and creativity with Luminato. This annual multi-disciplinary celebration of theatre, literature, music, food, dance, celebrations, visual arts, fashion, film will now feature magic.

The Masters of Magic, brings four of the world’s master magicians to Luminato to highlight one of the world’s oldest performing arts.

Spain’s Juan Tamariz will demonstrate his skillful minimalist and improvisational magic in not one, but three languages! The maestro will performs one show each in Spanish, English, and French.

Charismatic mentalist Max Maven, once described by Orson Welles as “the most original mind in magic,” will display his skill as a master mind reader, while Mac King, a humourist with a magical bent, will use his blend of magic and comedy to enchant viewers of all ages.

Meanwhile, Bob Sheets brings his own brand of manic comic showmanship to the streets of Toronto in a series of free performances.


June 17 — Juan Tamariz in Spanish (evening)

June 18 — Max Maven (evening)

June 19 — Mac King (afternoon)
                 — Juan Tamariz in English (evening)

June 20 — Mac King (afternoon)
                 — Juan Tamariz in French (late afternoon)

Performance Venue
Juan Tamariz, Mac King and Max Maven will perform at the Panasonic Theatre.

Tickets, $35 and $45, will be available through TicketMaster on April 15, 2010 at 10:00 am
You can reach TicketMaster here, 416-872-1111 or online:

Bob Sheets will be roaming the city, staging free impromtu performances in various venues.

Luminato’s Masters of Magic series is produced in association with Magicana and made possible by generous support from The Slaight Family through Luminato’s SuperNova Program Development Fund. Juan Tamariz’s performance is supported by The Consulate General of Spain.

Can you keep a secret?

19 Mar

We have to keep things under wraps for just a little longer, but you may want to mark down the dates June 17 to 20 on your calendars.

Magicana will be presenting some wonderful, magical talent featuring international stars: Juan Tamariz, Mac King, Max Maven and Bob Sheets
All will be revealed very soon! 
However, if you are a fan of magic, you will want to save these dates NOW.
Join our eList, follow us on Twitter or be our friend on Facebook so you will be the first to know!

Hitting the Road

12 Mar

Jason England | Western Canadian Tour Update

Renowned expert on gambling and sleight-of-hand with cards, Jason England hit the road last Friday with his 10-day tour of Western Canadian cities in Vancouver, BC.

Jason has visited Vancouver, BC; Edmonton, AB; Regina, SK; Calgary, AB and will finish his tour in Victoria, BC.

Now, with the tour in its second week, we would like to share some of the great feedback we’ve received from those in attendance:

Jason England’s lecture here in Vancouver was very well received. His reputation preceded him and he succeeded in impressing every member of the audience with his skills and personality. I have to say he was quite amazing with his skills and gave much useful advice on performing at all levels of audience skill.

Lon Mandrake, Vancouver

By all accounts, the workshop was a huge hit. Everyone walked away with something they could use.

Kent Wong, Edmonton

If you are looking for some great tips and tricks to add to your card magic arsenal, this is one lecture you don’t want to miss!

Doug Arden, Regina

He is not only a master at card handling, but a master teacher as well. I’ve always considered myself a beginner at cards, and I benefited so much from Jason’s expertise that I am no longer intimidated of learning difficult card sleights and techniques. I was completely astonished by his skills, and spent most of my time with my jaw on the floor. Jason England was very kind and personal the whole time. A very friendly and funny guy. He felt like someone I had known for a long time. I had such a great time that I’m sorry he had to go.

Dan Bernier, Regina

I thought Jason’s lecture was BRILLIANT!! This was a very nice change from the standard lecture, ie. A demonstration of what you want to sell at the end of the lecture. He focused on methods and mechanics which was presented in a slow smooth and easy to understand fashion. He taught the “tools” and gave ideas as to how to use them for not just one piece of magic but things that we can adapt to based on our individual needs. Jason is truly an exceptional wealth of information both on the mechanics of cards and the history, very impressive!!! We really would like to thank Magicana for making this lecture available to us.

Chester McBain, Regina

If you see him in person, you’ll be amazed at how tiny his briefs are. A card guy would know what that means. I just think it’s amusing to say.

Rob Vanden Heuvel, Calgary

Please keep this HIGH quality talent coming our way. Thanks to Magicana!

Brent Smith (Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop), Calgary

As Jason prepares to visit Victoria, BC on the last stop of his tour, we look forward to featuring more lectures and workshops like Jason England’s to continue our effort to share wonder across Canada.

Were you at Jason’s lecture or workshop? Send us an email at and tell us what you thought.

Subscribe to our eList to be the first to find out about upcoming lectures and special opportunities. You can also follow us on Twitter or be friends on Facebook.

Want to host a Magicana-sponsored lecture in your area? Send us an email at

This tour was produced by Magicana and 
sponsored in-part by Kent Wong and RJK Entertainment.

It’s Magicol!

5 Mar

Whew! It’s finally out the door.

Our first issue of Magicol (Feb Issue No. 174) is now in the hands of our printers. It will soon be posted and in your mailboxes, soon.

 If you don’t know what I’m talking about, well, Magicana is the new administrative body for the Magic Collectors Association (MCA). The unbelievably-low membership fee includes delivery of the quarterly-issued journal, Magicol.

The MCA, founded in 1949, has been keeping a journal for the past fifty years for its membership. Keeping with its historical tradition, this issue will cover interesting and intriguing articles on magic history, offer book reviews and reports of recent magic history conferences. Learn about Chicago’s magic history, street by street, in a walking tour; read a private profile of Dai Vernon from the  personal papers of his wife, Jeanne Verner; learn about the burning of Scot’s Discoverie of Witchcraft….and, much, much more!

We are also simply thrilled to see this periodical evolve its look, thanks to the wizardry by the amazing Michael Albright. It’s quite simply gorgeous. You won’t be disappointed! 

If you wish to get this journal, it’s a real deal! Check it out because Magicol is just one of the benefits of MCA membership.
See you … in the past!

And, the winner is…

1 Mar

On behalf of our program sponsors, Kent Wong and the Canadian Association of Magicians, we are delighted and thrilled to announce that we have a winner for the Tony Eng Youth Fund CAM contest.

The opportunity to win a free trip to the 2010 CAM in Kitchener-Waterloo drew several fine applications from young magicians from Western Canada. We were impressed with the quality of the submissions and the judges reported that it was difficult to select just one.

But, there can only be one winner.

The first round of (blind panel) judging drew three finalists and those final three were subjected to a second round of scrutiny by judges. It was close, but after much consideration we have determined our winner.

Congratulations to Miss Jennifer Antonio of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This 15-year-old aspiring young magician wrote a compelling and articulate application, which edged her into the winner’s circle.

Jennifer has won a free trip to the CAM convention which includes return airfare and ground transportation, hotel accommodations and convention registrations for herself and for her father who will be accompanying this young lady on her first big convention. We are honoured to have her represent Magicana’s TEYF as our inaugural winner for the CAM contest.

Read from her submission and find out more about the judges and the contest on our Tony Eng Youth Fund webpage.

Thank you to all of our applicants. You did a great job and we thank you for your very thoughtful applications!

Attention Central and Eastern Canadian young magicians: we will be conducting a reciprocal contest for the 2011 CAM convention which will be held in Vancouver, BC. Check it out! Prepare those submissions now!

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