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Do you recognize them all?

30 Sep

Did you play last week?
Check out our website to see if you guessed correctly. Thanks to all your fun entires…the guesses were hilarious and fabulous.
We will soon be featuring the Guess Who photos as an online exhibition soon. Do you have some old photos you want to submit? Send your entries to Magicana (
We are also excited to announce that we are adding feverishly to the Sid Lorraine Blog. We have had some interesting discoveries so we are saving our next entry – which will be sizable – for Friday. Stay tuned!

How the heck can Sid Lorraine maintain a blog?

23 Sep


He’s blogging?


Well, Sid was the hub for a great deal of magic in the 20th century and yes, even though Sid passed away in 1989, he left – among other things – a handwritten manuscript, his memoirs, with more than enough material for a blog!

Magicana is pleased to parcel out his memoirs, along with supporting images and ephemera from his family, and from my collection as a weekly blog. You can check out the first installment by visiting:

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Enjoy the read! Tell us what you think!!

What’s better than free magic?!

17 Sep

Free magic for two!

WIN A FREE TRIP TO THE 2010 CAM Convention in Kitchener-Waterloo!

Thanks to the generosity of the Canadian Association of Magicians and Kent Wong, Magicana is delighted to announce our latest Tony Eng Youth Fund contest:

We are giving away an AWESOME all-inclusive prize package to a young magician: a free trip to the 2010 CAM Convention in Kitchener-Waterloo! The contest is open to young magicians, age 13 to 18, living in Western Canada (British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba.) We will also send the young magician’s legal guardian to accompany the lucky winner. This package includes full convention registration, hotel accommodations and return airfare from Western Canada.

How can you lose?!

If you know of anyone who is eligible, send them to our website for contest details and for info on how to enter. The contest is now open and the deadline to apply is January 15, 2010.

What are you waiting for?

Visit our website and ENTER TO WIN now! Good luck!

Magicana would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsors, The Canadian Association of Magicians and Kent Wong, for making this contest possible.

You can also copy and paste the contest details link into your browser:

For more details about the CAM Convention, visit:

Magic in the mountains!

14 Sep
Want to raise your game?

Ready to put yourself under serious study?
Then, look westward to the Rockies as Magicana partners with the world-famous Banff Centre for Performing Arts.
This winter, David Ben – Magicana’s newly appointed artistic director – will be leading Magic by Design – The Theatre of Magic Workshop at The Banff Centre of Performing Arts from January 4 – 9, 2010.
The program is designed to initiate those with an interest in magic into the inner secrets of the art, as well as to take an aspiring performer’s magical expertise to a new level. Participants are challenged to broaden their magical abilities through this six-day intensive course led by master magician David Ben. The workshop will be rigorous, in a format that will be dynamic and interactive. The program will culminate in a public presentation in The Banff Centre’s Margaret Greenham Theatre involving all participants and faculty.
The Banff Centre is internationally recognized as a leader on the local, national and international stages in the development and promotion of creative work in the arts, sciences, business, and the environment. We are delighted with this partnership opportunity.
The deadline to register is Friday October 16 2009. All registration is handled through the Office of the Registrar at The Banff Centre.
This is the perfect present for aspiring magicians who are serious about their craft. Make a difference and surprise the magician in your life with the gift of REAL magic!
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